Are you considering an abortion?

Although iCHOICE does not preform or refer for abortions, having answers to these questions will help you determine what you should do.

1. Am I really pregnant?

If you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms, or have taken a positive home pregnancy test, it is important that you get a “lab-quality” pregnancy test — these professional tests are going to be the most accurate. If the test is positive, you may want to consider having an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy and to give you the best estimate of how far the pregnancy is advanced.

2. How far along am I?

Abortion procedures and their costs are based upon how far along you are in your pregnancy. We do not perform or refer for abortions at our facilities but can help you determine how far advanced your pregnancy is so that you understand the type of procedure you may be contemplating. At I-CHOICE Pregnancy Clinics, we provide lab-quality pregnancy tests and ultrasounds by medically-trained professionals at no charge to our patients. When you have pregnancy confirmation and an understanding of where you are in your pregnancy, you will be better able to make an informed decision.

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